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🏢 Leiffa 📍 Denver, CO

💰 $12 - $16 an hour 🗓️ Part-time 🏷️ Cultivation 📛 MED Badge

About our company

Redefining functional medicine through nature, science, and education. To be a company that sets and exceeds standards, and help educate people to think about cannabis in a new way: as a staple of healthy diets and healthy lives.

Job description

Experienced Trimmer- 3mos - 2yrs previous trimming (at home or licensed facility)

Hours: 30-40 hours per week

Time: M-F 8:00a-4:30p(harvest days may be longer)

Compensation: $11.50/hour paid out for tryouts; $12/hour thereafter + wage increase based on productivity.

Responsibilities and Duties


Physical requirements: