Social Media Manager

Jul 15, 2019🔗👁️ 57 57 Views

🏢 Mammoth Distribution 📍 Los Angeles, CA

💰 DOE 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Marketing 📛 No license required

About our company

Mammoth Distribution is the largest and most professional cannabis distribution company in California. Mammoth Distribution specializes in cannabis concentrates and vape products that are of the utmost safety, quality, and potency.

All Mammoth-distributed products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and are extensively third party tested to ensure the cleanest, safest vape products on the market. All Mammoth distributed products must adhere to our strict Clean Cannabis Guarantee - our promise to consumers that all Mammoth-distributed products will meet or exceed all California state cannabis regulations.

Job description

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get hands-on as a key impactful voice of one of the most prolific cannabis brands in the world. This position will challenge you to adapt and learn in a collaborative and exciting environment, and provide you incredible opportunities to learn and grow as a digital marketer and content creator.

Ideal candidates for this position must have hands-on experience managing social media accounts, editorial calendars, and production on high-impact content. They must also be adept at creating content on the fly (DIY content, boomerangs, live-streams, etc).

Our future social media manager will be someone with excellent understanding of platform dynamics, and structuring a tailored brand message across the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.



Preferred Qualifications: