Head Cannabis Chef and Infusions Formulator

Jun 11, 2019🔗👁️ 12 12 Views

🏢 Infinite Infusions 📍 Colorado Springs, CO

💰 $50,000 - $60,000 a year 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Processing 📛 MED Badge

About our company

Infinite Infusions is a family run company committed to values of integrity, sustainability and clean, natural, high-quality products. We are full of passion, have visionary leadership, and 9 years experience in the legal cannabis industry. Our current concentrate product line only showcases a small portion of how we’d like to impact the industry so we are opening the door for a creative team member to join us in propelling Infinite to the next level with top-notch infused products. We deeply desire to provide a space which nurtures passion and creativity for someone looking to make a mark on this industry.

Job description

The Head Chef & Infused Product Formulator will be the leader of an established cannabis concentrate company’s new infused edible & topical branch. The company, Infinite Infusions, is a family owned and operated, values-based company committed to providing clean, high-quality cannabis products. This position upholds all aspects of product infusion functions of the company including creating new edible, topical and nutraceutical product formulations; managing production of the edibles, topicals and nutraceuticals; working directly with packaging, marketing/sales and management teams; managing inventory, and bringing innovative flow into an established company offering a creative opportunity in a fully built out playground (...and by playground, we mean lab & kitchen).