Delivery Driver / Customer Service

Jun 2, 2019🔗👁️ 17 17 Views

🏢 Golden Essentials Delivery 📍 Salinas, CA

💰 $15.00 to $18.00 an hour 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Delivery Services 📛 No license required

About our company

Monterey County’s best Medical Cannabis Delivery Service.

We care about our patient’s needs and work with you one on one to find what works best for you. From indicas and sativas to topicals, waxes, edibles, and oils, we carry a wide variety of cannabis related products and accessories for your convenience at affordable prices. Looking for something specific? Feel free to let us know. We love trying and offering quality products that fit our patients needs.

Job description

We are searching for energetic individuals who can provide the highest level of customer service to our members.

Drivers must:

Drivers will be responsible for assigned orders, calling or texting members to keep them posted on their delivery, mapping delivery addresses, and using phone applications for various purposes, including entering orders and inventory. Driver will be assigned a company car and is responsible for making sure car is fueled, tires properly inflated, etc. Car will be fueled and maintenance by management however communication is important as cars need to be scheduled for service regularly. Must follow all rules and regulations in to city/state cannabis regulations.

Drivers are expected to have excellent customer service, be polite, courteous, clean, well groomed, good with directions, and be technologically savvy.

Drivers must work well in team and independent settings, have good computer skills, and pay close attention to detail.

Although you will be working with cannabis products, they are not to be consumed on site, or while on the job as it may effect your ability to do your job safely.

All applicants must:

Experience: customer sevice: 2 years (Required) commercial driving: 1 year (Preferred)

License: Class C (Required)

Shifts: Evening (Preferred)

Additional Compensation: Tips

Hours per week: Less than 10 10-19 20-29 30-39