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🏢 PurePenn 📍 McKeesport, PA

💰 DOE 🗓️ Part-time 🏷️ Cultivation 📛 No license required

About our company

PurePenn is a local company composed of Pennsylvania family business leaders and health experts committed to job creation, social impact and patient quality of life. We are partnering with the internationally renowned medical marijuana manufacturer, Moxie, whose products have received repeated acclaim for consistently providing safe and effective treatments for patients. Rooted in community and social good, our goal is to bring a medical marijuana processing facility to McKeesport that exceeds the state’s, community’s and patients' expectations.

Job description

Cultivate, and assist the daily agriculture operation of the company's production facility to include the propagation, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting processes, trimming practices, trim/flower weight reporting, trim/flower packaging operations, as well as regulatory compliance. Shift follows and implements a conscientious healthcare management model, striving to operate under the highest standards of patient care and professionalism.

The Cultivator reports to Cultivation Manager and will be responsible for keeping the Cultivation Manager apprised of plant health, trends, and overall issues and status of the production facility.

Propagate, record, and maintain cannabis plants in accordance with company procedures and state regulations. Feed cannabis plants in compliance with company procedures and state regulations for nutrient practices. Daily inspection of plants for molds/ fungus, Dispose of or treat plants in accordance with company procedures. Record and label plants with state regulated seed to sale tracking software guidelines. Transfer cannabis plants between growth areas in a safe and sanitary manner.Mix and apply nutrients with acceptable practice standards in line with company procedures and state requirements. Cure, dry, and store, label all finished cannabis products. Prune plants in line with company procedures. Responsible for pest control and proper application of any pesticides in line with company procedures and state regulations.Maintain an acceptable level of personal hygiene.

Other Duties as needed.

Must have the following qualifications:

Based on its internal policies, Company reserves the right to give preference to Minorities, Females, wounded or honorably discharged Veterans, individuals with disabilities and residents of the City of McKeesport that possess the requisite qualifications for the position when making any appointment or promotion. NOTE: Under MEDICAL MARIJUANA ACT of Apr. 17, 2016, P.L. 84, No. 16, Section 614 employees may not hold positions in or be affiliated with a medical marijuana organization in any way if the individual has been convicted of any criminal offense related to the sale or possession of illegal drugs, narcotics or controlled substances.

This is a part-time, on call position.