Cultivation / Harvest Tech

May 23, 2019🔗👁️ 18 18 Views

🏢 Pure Dakota 📍 North Dakota

💰 DOE 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Cultivation 📛 No license required

About our company

Patient Focused We are committed to providing registered qualifying patients in ND with consistent access to sufficient quantities of safe and effective medical marijuana products, while advancing wellness for patients across North Dakota. Providing affordable medical grade usable marijuana and medical marijuana products to patients is one of our core values.

Regulatory Compliance We strive to comply with all applicable state and local laws, regulations, and ordinances and to engage in best management practices throughout all manufacturing operations. Our commitment to responsible stewardship necessarily involves a commitment to meeting all operational requirements, rules, and regulations set forth by the ND Department of Health.

Scientific Leadership Our products are made under the direction of our chief science officer Dr. Mark Scialdone PhD, a world recognized innovator in cannabis chemistry. Our work is underpinned by scientific methods that generate the safest version of cannabis products known. Our production methods utilize compliant processes to create the highest quality of Cannabis derived products.

Manufacturing Innovation The design of Pure Dakota will set an industry standard for clean cultivation practices, energy efficiency, and the production of pharmaceutical grade medical marijuana products for patients of North Dakota.

Job description

We are currently seeking a full-time Cultivation/Harvest Technician. Responsible for the horticultural duties associated with the care and maintenance of plants. This encompasses everything from propagation to harvest through to drying and curing.


Minimum Requirements: Minimum of two years of cultivation experience including cloning, transplanting, defoliation, harvesting, drying, trimming and waste disposal preferred. Experience in pruning and executing proper canopy management. Experience in understanding and maintaining the health of plants, weed and pest control, applying fertilizers, and utilizing farm equipment preferred. Experience with data entry software required.

Knowledge: Background knowledge in the cultivation of marijuana preferred, and the understanding of the demands of the commercial cultivation facility. General knowledge of horticulture equipment and irrigation systems. Extensive knowledge of plant diseases, insects and fungi, as well as plant treatment options preferred. In-depth knowledge of micronutrients, beneficial bacteria and nutrient implementation. Knowledge of the cannabis plant preferred.

Must be willing to participate in an extensive criminal history record check. Valid driver’s license required along with reliable transportation. Ability to lift over 50 lbs. required. Minimum age of 21 years required.