Concentrate Packaging Associate

Apr 23, 2019🔗👁️ 50 50 Views

🏢 Denver Dab Company 📍 Evergreen, CO

💰 $14 an hour 🗓️ Full-time 🏷️ Processing 📛 MED Badge

About our company

At Denver Dab Company we specialize in creating clean, high quality cannabis concentrates. We use a variety of pure hydrocarbon mixes (n-butane and instrument grade propane) to extract the resinous concentrated oil or "hash oil" from raw, dried cannabis plants. We then purge out all unwanted residual hydrocarbons, leaving the pure cannabis oil that is sold to medical patients & recreational customers across the state of Colorado. We offer a variety of different consistencies and types of concentrated cannabis oil.

Job description

We are a fast growing concentrate company looking to hire an enthusiastic production team member to start immediately. We have a professional and fun work environment, and are excited about adding the right person to the team!

Your work ethic, attention to detail and personality will drive your success in this industry. We want someone who takes care and shows pride in their work. You leave no job unfinished and consider a good day that in which all items on your list have been checked off. We like people who read things, so if you read this, we'll know because your email title will say ,I read things, in some way or form. We have built a great team and it is important we continue to add upbeat, fun and happy people on board with us.

Job Requirements:

Required Skills and Experience:

The starting rate is $14/hr for 30 hours/week at a minimum. The company is growing, and this role will grow along with us.

Please understand this job is located in Evergreen. Must be able to commute daily to our facility

Pay Frequency: Bi weekly or Twice monthly