Cannabis Cupcake Elf

May 30, 2019🔗👁️ 21 21 Views

🏢 Jade & Jane 📍 Jade & Jane

💰 $11.50 - $14.00 an hour 🗓️ Part-time 🏷️ Processing 📛 MED Badge

About our company

Jade & Jane's local, handmade cannabis infused treats and cupcakes are baked in Denver Colorado for the responsible and discerning consumer. If you need a classy, sassy, tasty, and chill edible in your life try Jade & Jane baked goods! We make incredible cupcakes!

Job description

Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm


Daily job duties include:

Relevant Skills:

Work Environment

This position operates in a manufacturing kitchen environment. This is not a front facing customer retail environment.

This position requires a lot of cleaning and manual labor in the kitchen.

Check out our website and social media to get a sense of who we are and what we make. Thank you!

License: MED Key Badge (Preferred) MED Support badge (Preferred)