Brand Ambassador

Mar 23, 2019🔗👁️ 34 34 Views

🏢 Legion of Bloom 📍 Sacramento, CA

💰 $1500 - $2500 a month 🗓️ Part-time 🏷️ Marketing 📛 No license required

About our company

The Legion of Bloom is a multi-award winning, industry leading, premiere cannabis brand. We cater to value-driven, health conscious, quality-seeking cannabis enthusiasts, delivering a product to the market which is driven by conscious sustainable practices and a care for the customers who consume our products. Our company culture blends the values of multiple industries unique to California, and in doing so we have created quite a different environment in which to work.

We believe in creating high quality products for high quality human beings. The company from top down consists of caring, forward-thinking, compassionate & intelligent individuals, and we are seeking those who fit these specific characteristics.

We are a tightknit family, finding ourselves in a space where orders are increasing rapidly by the day, with more and more dispensaries looking to place our products on their shelves. It is important to us that our products are understood by the consumers who utilize them, and as such, are seeking a dedicated Brand Ambassador to help be the conduit between the company and the product.

Job description

The Legion of Bloom is seeking a top tier Brand Ambassador to join our Team.

The Brand Ambassador is integral to telling Legion of Bloom's story, and imparting the ethos & company culture into the world.

A Brand Ambassador must be:

A Brand Ambassador must have:

The Brand Ambassador would report to the Director of Sales. We would give you the tools you need to operate and achieve success, but would expect you to venture into the market with the thirst to grow the brand to heights previously unseen.

We are a team - we work hard but enjoy the work we do, and expect qualified candidates to embody a similar approach and mindset. We will provide you the opportuntiy to dive head first into the Cannabis Industry in a manner previously unprecedented. We don't want consumers to buy our products solely on the basis of them looking good, smelling good, and tasting good - we want customers to buy our brand because they understand why we do what we do.

Candidates must submit a cover letter along with resume.